Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Now Hiring: Director of Operations

Job Description
At Kitchen Table Consultants (KTC) our goal is simple – to help passionate farmers and food makers build lasting, profitable, locally-focused businesses. We accomplish this by working alongside our clients. No stuffy business plans that get thrown on the shelf, never to be looked at again. We have real-world experience and understand first-hand the challenges facing small businesses. Our work is results oriented that delivers actionable steps to make businesses and nonprofits stronger and more profitable.
KTC works with clients across the country and incubates a family of small businesses. As we grow, we are seeking a tech and people savvy Director of Operations that will evaluate, plan, implement, and manage systems in order to create maximum efficiency and deliver the best possible results. We want a strategic thinker and a tenacious doer, a person of action that will proactively build scalable and repeatable systems and remove redundancies. You’ll be responsible for the management of the operations and administrative support we provide to our businesses and consultants.

We’re looking for someone who will be a thought partner with our principals and will bring a hefty amount of experience and ability to the table. You need to have experience in an entrepreneurial environment and be a strong communicator. We’re looking for someone that will serve as a leader on our team and build strong relationships with our entrepreneurs and consultants in order to help them achieve their definition of success.

Most importantly, we believe that making an impact is just as important as a profit. We want you to share that belief and have the following:

Characteristics & Experiences
  • You are most comfortable being both a doer and a director, and appreciate the challenge of hands-on role working with a small team.
  • ●  You need to be a systems thinker and problem solver that can take a broad view and boil it down to repeatable systems.
  • ●  You know the business life cycle of a professional services firm inside and out.
  • ●  You are comfortable and have experience reporting directly to two owners.
  • ●  You’re bold, direct, and can hold your own while being adaptable and
    committed to the good of the team.
    ●  You have helped a business through a transformation and built automation into its systems.
  • ●  You have to have failed, pretty big, and you have to have learned from that failure and be able to share it.
  • ●  You’re a problem solver that can present the best possible solutions and create clear plans for implementation.
  • ●  You have experience in food and agriculture-related work or have a deep passion for creating thriving food systems.
  • ●  You’re self-motivated and like rolling your sleeves up and working hard - both at macro and micro level.
●  You believe small businesses can change the world.

  • You have an MBA, advanced degree, or comparable work experience. You dream in spreadsheets and numbers, but are also experienced training and managing people.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Business Development: Manage the process of driving new business, including prospecting, proposal development, opportunity sourcing, and finding and responding to RFPs. General and systematic support of principals and consultants in developing new business.
  2. Manage Client Onboarding: Strategic and action-oriented management of client pipeline and project teams to drive billability and maximize team utilization rates. Manage project budgets, client onboarding, and post-project debriefs.
  3. Systems Management: Assessment, strategic improvement, and daily management of all internal systems, processes, and technologies - including CRM system, project management software, marketing, and financial management systems. Maintain current process checklists, operation manual, and policy handbook.
  4. Marketing and External Communication: Collaborate with the Ops team, consultants, and principles to develop and execute marketing strategies and plans. Streamline all external facing documents and systems. Develop methods to engage the consulting team in Marketing and Communications.
  5. Project Management:Executionandoversightofseveralprojects simultaneously, management of general KTC operations, daily management of all KTC shared software, documents, and CRM system.
  6. Financial Management: Manage bookkeeper, prepare and analyze quarterly financial documents, present quarterly financials to full team and facilitate an annual financial review and capital and budget planning process with principals.
  7. Team Leadership: Lead operations team, meet weekly with all ops team members to help them effectively set priorities, deadlines and be accountable to objectives. Support individual professional development of all Ops team members.
  8. IT Systems:Installationandconfigurationofappropriatesoftware,general teamwide training and IT support on all project management, data storage, billing, and communications systems.
  9. Team:Assist with HR strategy, recruitment, selection, onboarding, and training of new operations and consulting team members. Lead weekly team meetings and organize annual retreats, trainings and team events.
  10. Family of Businesses: EnsurequalityofadministrativesupportforKTC incubated businesses with insurance, registration, and financial controls.
  11. Special Projects: Development and execution of special projects as requested by the principals

Skills & Abilities
  • ●  SystemsEvaluation, planning, automation, oversight, and elimination of redundancies.
  • ●  Marketing and Business Development: Strategy, planning, B2B sales, and client pipeline management
  • ●  PeopleYou need to be patient while holding people accountable at the same time. You know that leadership takes on multiple forms. You’re so easy to work with people look forward to your calls and working through tasks they may otherwise avoid. You have a well-developed sense of humor, can admit when you are wrong, and laugh at yourself.
  • ●  Technology Experience and comfort with multiple software platforms and CRMs, provide training, and the ability to develop and document easy-to-follow procedures.
  • ●  NumbersExcel, Quickbooks, accounting, bookkeeping, forecasting, budgeting, and cash flow
  • ●  WritingTalentandabilityforwrittencommunication-fromtechnical documents to persuasive narratives.
  • ●  EntrepreneurialThis is a remote position with minimal supervision or direct oversight. This position requires you to be self-driven, highly organized, detail oriented, and possess a broad range of professional experience, skills, and strengths.
Our Culture
  • ●  Highly entrepreneurial and driven
  • ●  Obsessed with creating more value than we cost
  • ●  Candid and frank, there is no such thing as office politics in our world
  • ●  A typical new business with bumps in the road, evolving systems, and stuff we
    have not figured out yet
  • ●  Experience matters; we have worked with over 250 clients since 2009 and
    everyone on our team has run a business
  • ●  Absolutely dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs be successful on their
    own terms
  • ●  Vision to create a national firm that serves as an entrepreneur’s collective for
    good food and farm industry disruptors around the country

    Compensation and Benefits
    This position is full time and will also have a significant bonus structure based on how KTC performs as a whole. We offer healthcare and dental coverage. In addition, we will give you paid time off in addition to holidays. As with any small business, there will be some nights, weekends, other times you wish-you-were-not-working-but-are.
    This is a remote position - we’ll provide you with a company owned laptop, some other snazzy equipment, and a monthly stipend to cover your phone and internet bills. There will be quarterly travel to meet with the principals in person in Pennsylvania (or wherever they might be), and other travel to support the team as needed.

    Visit www.KitchenTableConsultants.com > Click Resources > Select Opportunities

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cloverleaf Farm is looking for new partners!

We’re looking for new partners!
9055 Olmo Lane Davis, California www.thecloverleaffarm.com

The Cloverleaf Farm is looking for new partners to manage their ten acre organic fruit farm. Multiple positions are available in a range of management positions, including marketing, kitchen management and vegetable and row crop management.

Start date: Dec. 1 (flexible)Compensation: Base pay: Flexible $12-15, depending on qualifications, profit-sharing available as wellHourly expectations: five 8-10 hour shifts per week
Management opportunities:
➳ Kitchen and value-added production➳ Vegetable and row crops➳ Marketing, including online stores, farmers markets and CSA management
Job responsibilities:
➳ Annual fruit and vegetable production➳ Fruit tree care➳ Hedgerow maintenance➳ Harvesting, sorting and packing fruit➳ Producing jams, fruit leathers and syrups➳ Delivering wholesale and CSA orders➳ Working farmers markets
➳ Attending regular meetings
Opportunities for advancement:
➳ During December-August, partners will perform the job responsibilities listed above. In September, partners will have the opportunity to assess whether they would like to become a full partner or farm manager.

About the farm.
Our goal at the Cloverleaf Farm is to produce excellent fruit while improving our soil, our environment, and our local community. Our vision is to create a thriving farm-ecosystem, burgeoning with insects, wildlife, and soil microorganisms, that minimizes water and energy consumption, as well as other external inputs. We believe in treating ourselves and our customers with care, and we strive to explore innovative farming ideas, foster creativity, and provide an educational forum for the community. As our farm continues to expand and diversify, we aim to develop new markets to further integrate the farm into our local food system. We have lots of ideas and plenty of work to do -- and we could use your help!
The Cloverleaf Farm is operated by two partners -- Katie Fyhrie and Emma Torbert. The farm currently manages a four-acre stone fruit orchard, an acre of mixed annual and perennial crops, a small citrus grove, and multiple hedgerows. We market our fruit and fruit-based value-added products to customers throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area regions via a number of grocery stores, the Davis Farmers Market, our sliding-scale CSA, U-picks, and Ugly Fruit Club. We are currently initiating a process of converting our partnership into a worker-owned cooperative and any partner would be eligible to be a member-owner, if desired.

Required qualifications.
➳ Availability to work part to full-time Dec 1 - Sept 30 (flexible)➳ Availability to work full-time May 1 - September 30➳ Previous farming and/or commercial kitchen experience➳ Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills
➳ Ability to lift 50+ pounds on a daily basis➳ Driver’s license and ability to drive or bike to work
Preferred qualifications.
➳ Flexibility in working weekends➳ Previous experience with group decision-making processes➳ Interest in a career in farming and working toward becoming a full farm partner
➳ Experience in any of the following:
  • ○  Wholesale or direct-consumer marketing
  • ○  Social media or web development
  • ○  Value-added product production or other kitchen experience
  • ○  Bookkeeping
  • ○  Farm management (esp. blackberries, fruit trees and vegetables)
  • ○  Crew management
  • ○  Delivery coordination
  • ○  Field equipment operation
  • ○  Administrative tasks
  • ○  Grant writing and management
  • ○  Habitat restoration
    How to apply.
    Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and interested applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible. If you are interested in this position, please complete a written application. We will review your application materials within one week and follow up with you to let you know if we would like to schedule a working interview. If you are having difficulties accessing or completing the written application, email Emma atthecloverleaffarm@gmail.com.
    Copy and paste this link for the written application:
    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScfecwy-lxuYL-SYtP7XNx_CZT55ar71-1dIFHWyj yzu0LSTA/viewform.

Friday, October 19, 2018

This is a paid, two-year apprenticeship in sustainable commercial agriculture focusing on specialty crops (row crops, vineyards, orchards) in the Northern Central Valley of California. The program is for individuals who are passionate about farming and are looking to further their career in agriculture. Apprentices will gain hands-on training, work experience, and exposure to all aspects farming with the goals of obtaining a management position on established farms, or eventually starting their own farm business. 
Our program is a formal, state-registered apprenticeship with paid on-the-job training and supplemental coursework. Completion of the program requires 3,000 hours of on-the-job training at a production farm in the Northern Sacramento Valley and 250 hours of coursework. Our partner farms range from 50 to 10,000 acres, are located within a one-hour range of Sacramento, CA, and grow a diversity of crops from processing tomatoes and sunflowers for export to organic vegetables for CSA’s and farmers markets. The majority of our participating farmers are growing on over 500 acres, and have both conventional and organic parts of their operations. 
More information about the program and participating farms can be found on our website: http://landbasedlearning.org/farm-academy-apprentice
Duties & Responsibilities: 
Specific job duties and responsibilities will vary based on employer. However, apprentices should expect to exposed to all aspects of running a farm, including some office and regulatory tasks. 
Apprentices are expected to arrive for on-the-job training and coursework early, or on time.
Education & Experience: 
Farming experience is strongly encouraged. Applicants must demonstrate awareness regarding the challenges of working agriculture, as well as demonstrate some deep thinking about personal motivation for pursuing a career in agriculture and their goals.
Apprentices must be over age 18, have a high school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent, have a valid U.S. Driver's License, and be eligible to work in the United States.
Application Instructions: 
Applications should be submitted online. Instructions can be found on our website: http://landbasedlearning.org/farm-academy-apprentice. The application includes a resume and two references.
The application period ends November 4, 2018.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Sacramento #2250

Listing ID: Sacramento #2250

157 acres for lease in Wilton. The principles are seeking a long-term lease arrangement with a farmer interested in growing a commercial crop (vineyard, tree nuts, etc) and not for cattle grazing. Several orchard and vineyard applications are in the near vicinity.
The property is not for sale. The current lease comes up for renewal in Dec. 2018
This property is a legacy ranch that has been in the family for over 150 years. Walnuts were commercially farmed on the irrigated portion of the property in the 1960s, and discontinued due to poor planning. The land has been used continuously since then for cattle grazing.
The land has never been ripped. In order to develop for commercial vineyard/tree nuts/other crop it will need to be ripped and plowed prior to a commercial planting. A complete wetlands assessment was performed on the property in 2013 by D. Moore & Associates. The assessment determined there are no known endangered species, and seasonal wetlands – approx. 1.75 acres – were mapped with GPS coordinates.
Laguna Creek runs through the property, and flows seasonally from Dec. through Apr, depending on the amount of rainfall. There are approx. 68 acres of flat, irrigated land east of the creek, currently used for pasture. There are approx. 79 acres of gently rolling uplands west of the creek. There is a separate, fenced 2 acre parcel in the center of the property which is a vineyard and is currently not included in the land available for lease.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Free Recordkeeping Webinars

Well-designed recordkeeping systems can facilitate sound farm management, reduce stress, promote farm sustainability, and track organic products from start to finish. Join the CCOF Foundation and the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) for a webinar that reviews USDA organic regulations related to recordkeeping requirements for crop producers. We will highlight practical recordkeeping methods to meet your farm’s needs for organic certification. This webinar is ideal for farmers interested becoming certified organic, growers new to organic certification, or certified organic producers seeking to improve their recordkeeping systems.
Date/Time: August 21, 2018 – 12:00-1:30 p.m. Pacific Time
Cost: Free
More Information/Registration: https://www.ccof.org/organic-recordkeeping-101

Digital Organic Recordkeeping for Growers
Join the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and the CCOF Foundation for a webinar that explores digital solutions for organic recordkeeping for growers. Our speakers will highlight software strategies that can assist you in keeping records while meeting USDA National Organic Program standards for certified organic crop production on small- to mid-sized farms.
Date/Time: September 12, 2018 – 12:00-1:30 p.m. Pacific Time
Cost: Free