Friday, July 29, 2011

New Land Opportunities in the CV

Sacramento County ID #1324: 2 acres available for lease.
The landowners of this small acreage would love to see it put to use. Flat land with a slight grade, on a busy street. Property has a driveway, perfect for fruit stand traffic. Water is provided by a domestic well and landowners live next door.

Placer County ID #1327: 7 acre organic farm available for lease.
These retiring farmers would like to see their land continue in crop production and are willing to mentor a new generation of farmers. The property has a conservation plan and there are several NRCS projects in place, which require maintenance. One such project, hedgerows, consists of marketable products including lilacs, pomegranates, lavender, and rosemary. The property features a barn currently set up for chickens, 2 greenhouses one of which is fully automated, a wash station and cold storage. 1.5 acres of the property is planted in citrus (figs, pomegranates, mire lemons, mandarins, apricots). Owners purchase 3 minors inches of water each year, and soil is clay that has been cover cropped for 18 years. Also included in the lease is a tractor with rototiller, mower, transplanter, plastic mulch layer, seeder, and hand tools. In the past the farm has produced high end products, including winter squash, melons, and starts and ginger (in greenhouse).

Nevada County ID #1321: 12 acre farm and 2-story Geodesic dome for sale, $210,000
Owners would like this property to be purchased by someone who wishes to live and farm and improve the land. Property features a 1,600 square foot, 2-story Geodesic Dome with solar panels, loft and fireplace- 4 BR, 2 1/4 baths. House has a back deck with views of the valley, a septic tank, raised flowerbeds, and a well. The soil has been amended over the last 22+ years by a very dedicated gardener. The property also features a large metal barn with workshop & tack room, pump house, propane tank and a cement slab for future construction. Included in the sale is a tractor needing repair, tools, and some lumber. There is also a creek running through the lower part of the property.