Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Great South Valley Land Opportunities

Tulare County ID #1309: 20 acres for lease in Exeter.
The owners of this property would love to see it productive. Ten acres are currently under the Williamson Act. The soil is San Joaquin sandy loam. There is a well and pump on the property.

Tulare County ID #47: 26 acre concentrated livestock operation for sale outside of Tulare, $4.5 million. This operation currently houses 8,000 hogs and 1,600 calves with room to accommodate more. Estimated net income at full capacity is $540,000 monthly on hogs and $115,000 on calves. Facilities include complete farrowing, nursery and grower/finisher facilities, an automated feed mill and two co-generation units that run off methane from the on-site lagoon. This functioning, state-of-of-the-art co-generation could potentially cover all of the farm’s electric costs. There is an easement on 800 adjoining acres of corn and alfalfa to manage excess waste water. Well water supplies all the needs for the operation. There are two mobile homes on the property and all the necessary farm implements are available. The current owner is looking for buy-out and would provide 6 months of training if necessary.

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