Monday, December 19, 2011

As of Thursday, videos of NRCS conservation practices will be available on the same medium, and with the same world-wide ease and accessibility, that is enjoyed by everyone from world leaders to piano-playing cats: YouTube.

Using the tagline "Conservation: There's a Plan for that," the videos introduce eight different scenarios where the NRCS approach of voluntary conservation has made a difference to satisfied customers in California. A brief glimpse is given of the planning and techniques used to benefit the land and the landowner. The NRCS "actors" are simply employees doing their everyday jobs, who are passionate professionals dedicated to helping people help the land. Hopefully, for many, these will make the world of NRCS conservation practices seem more accessible and familiar.

The eight practices portrayed are as follows:

* Conservation Planning
* Managing/Monitoring Irrigation Water (2 videos)
* Improving Forest Stands
* Managing for Livestock and Wildlife on Rangeland
* Building Hedgerows for Pollinators and other Benefits
* Decommissioning a Well
* Managing Nutrients (Wastewater) on Dairies

This link will connect to the new stories on Thursday, Dec. 15: