Monday, December 12, 2011

Today, the California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply launches a new and expanded online Agricultural Water Stewardship Resource Center to assist growers and ranchers, water suppliers, and others in making effective farm water management decisions. The Resource Center, online at, includes a new searchable databaseand interactive map of innovative efforts around California to improve on-farm and regional water management. In addition, the website includes an expanded catalogue of information about a range of on-farm practices, as well as a library of technical support information and policy documents.

The California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply (CRWFS), a project of Ag Innovations Network, is a consensus-based forum for a broad range of leaders focused on enhancing water security for agriculture, the public and the environment. CRWFS appointed an Editorial Board of experts from the agricultural sector, University of California and California State University systems, the environmental community, and the water supply community to moderate the website and ensure balanced and accurate content.

We invite you to explore the Resource Center and share the on-farm practices, case studies, and ag water stewardship information with your networks.