Monday, March 26, 2012

New Land Opportunities!

Merced County ID #1396: Ten acres for lease in Hilmar
50 acre Riverwood Ranch has ten acres available for lease. Property is in Merced County adjacent to Merced River, four miles from Hilmar, CA. Water source is from a well and/or water piped from Merced River and soil is sandy loam. Owner has riparian rights. Land is suitable for growing vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, etc. Additional acreage available for chickens and goats. Property is a quarter mile from County bus line. Buildings include residence used by owner on weekends, barn and cabin. The acreage for lease is adjacent to a 45 acre walnut orchard.


Stanislaus County ID #1386: 17.3 acre almond orchard for sale at $1.2 million
Grampa Wrights Almonds is for sale at $1.2 million. Property is planted in 17 acres of almonds, with irrigation. Owner has a standing agreement with packer. Property also features modular home and barn.