Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Urban Cultivators is looking for growers to expand their urban farming opportunities

Urban Cultivators is a backyard conservation initiative for the Sacramento Hispanic community.  The initiative is supported by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)* and coordinated by Carmen Fisher with the NRCS Sacramento County office in Elk Grove.

With a growing local urban community, the Elk Grove office will continue to support farmers and their work, but we must look toward the future of backyard conservation.  Elk Grove sees Urban Cultivators as the next step in educating the greater public on the social and environmental benefits of creating a healthy neighborhood through conservation.

With this initiative, we are promoting urban gardens and greenhouses to encourage proactive community contribution and participation.  Urban gardening is about using space wisely to regain a closer connection with food and beautify the neighborhood.  Investment in urban gardens and similar practices also creates opportunities for agricultural education and workshops to encourage conservation and healthy living with greater access to fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Urban Cultivators will evaluate current conservation efforts and tailor backyard conservation to meet the needs of the Hispanic community.  With the help of community organizers, we will 
build relationships to expand and strengthen the local Hispanic farming movement.  We hope to help Hispanic urban gardening groups eventually own and operate their own land with conservation practices as a priority and produce enough food to sell at the community’s own farmers’ market.

If you are a grower that is interested in creating urban farming opportunities in the Sacramento Hispanic community, please contact Carmen with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Carmen.Fisher@ca.usda.gov.