Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ag Innovations Network (AIN) is hiring an Alliance Coordinator (Fresno County)

Ag Innovations Network (AIN) is now hiring a half-time Alliance Coordinator to join the AIN staff
team and provide staff support for the Fresno County Food System Alliance. AIN designs, organizes, convenes, and facilitates multi-stakeholder collaborative processes and initiatives to improve outcomes from the food system. These efforts are undertaken on the local, regional, statewide and national levels. The focus is on locally or regionally specific issues or outcomes (e.g.: regional food system infrastructure development, farm-to-institution programs, food system assessments, land use policies, etc.) as well as overarching issues such as ag water stewardship, ag greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the ag regulatory burden through interagency coordination, farm worker housing, etc.

Position Description

The Fresno Alliance Coordinator will serve as the staff coordinator for the Fresno County Food System Alliance, directly supporting the Alliance facilitator and the Alliance members, helping to implement the Alliance goals and process as described by funding deliverables, the Alliance members and the California Food System Alliance Network (CFSAN) protocols. The Alliance Coordinator will organize and support the efforts of the Alliance under the direction of the local AIN facilitator and the CFSAN program director. The Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to provide staffing and organizational support that will lead to effective Alliance outcomes. In general, this will include researching and assessing of needs, building organizational partnerships, supporting advisory committees, implementing communications plans, drafting reports, etc.

Specific duties of the Project Coordinator will include but not be limited to the following:
• Support the Alliance facilitator and members with basic organizing, including meeting scheduling and meeting logistics, tracking work products, preparing and distributing meeting notes and communicating with members.
• Research on issues, needs, best practices, funding programs, etc.
• Conducting stakeholder surveys and interviews when needed.
• Support Alliance committee formation and functioning.
• Support members in special projects and working out Alliance process issues.
• Create and co-create project information, descriptions, communications, reports, etc.
• Conduct maintenance of project websites and databases and social media.
• Maintain and manage updates to project workplans.
• Serve as planning and logistics lead on workshops, meetings, forums, etc.
• Serve as primary recorder/notetaker of results at all meetings.
• Serve as back-up and/or breakout process facilitator at meetings.
• Maintain effective communication with AIN Alliance team, especially Fresno facilitator and
Alliance director by participating in weekly/monthly meetings. Support the creation of publications, press releases and other communications projects with the support of AIN staff and Alliance members.
• Member outreach, communication and correspondence between monthly Alliance meetings.
• Community outreach to both solicit input on issues and solutions and to create deep ongoing engagement between existing and emerging community-based efforts and desires and the Alliance process.


Ideal candidate will be highly organized with excellent communication and management skills,
tech- and web-savvy, and have a passion for creating a healthy food and agricultural system. The
ideal candidate will have the following skills and experience:
• Three years or more of experience working to advance sustainable food and agriculture goals. Qualifying experience may include work in not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, academic institutions and the private sector.
• Previous leadership or participation in multi-stakeholder initiatives. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated ability in working with diverse stakeholders, including isolated communities, government and industry representatives, and public interest advocates.
• Familiarity with community organizing processes and the Fresno / Central Valley community.
• Excellent communication skills, including both written and verbal communication.
• Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and project management software applications.
• Meticulous organizational skills and ability to keep track of multiple project efforts.
• Ability to work as part of a team to solve problems and coordinate projects.
• Ability to multi-task; work within a fast-moving environment, while also driving toward clarity and solutions.
• An undergraduate degree or its equivalence in experience in agriculture, public policy, community development or related field.
• Fluency in Spanish is highly desired.
This position requires access to reliable transportation and a home and/or shared office space with a high-speed Internet connection. The position will provide for compensation for the costs of transportation and use of office space.

About AIN

Ag Innovations Network (AIN) is a leader in the effort to create a vibrant, healthy, and enduring
food system (see Since 2000 we have worked with farmers, ranchers,
farm labor advocates, environmentalists, food processors, distributors, retailers, and health and
food access advocates—virtually every stakeholder in the food system—to devise strategies that
create better results at every stop from farm to fork. We focus exclusively on facilitating the
dialogue between stakeholders that will lead to new business models, new ways to grow and
distribute food, new community efforts, and new public policy to create a better food system.

Compensation and Benefits

The position is a half time salaried position. Compensation is dependent on experience. Paid
vacation leave, employer-paid health benefits, and an employer-matching retirement plan are
included as benefits.

Position location

This position is based in Fresno, CA and requires frequent travel throughout the County and
approximately three trips per year of overnight travel to Northern California.

To apply:

Please send a resume and letter of interest to:
Ag Innovations Network is an equal opportunity employer, all interested individuals, including
people of color, women, and persons with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply.

The target start date for this position is September 13, 2012.