Saturday, October 20, 2012

Communal Farming Opportunity in Walnut Grove

Join the Farm Mistral ( farming opportunity! Our goal is to provide land to new and experienced farmers alike. We also offer a communal kitchen, swimming pond and beautiful grounds for relaxing. We are interested in harboring folks seeking to practice sustainable agriculture. Whether it be to support a business enterprise, or to simply feed ones family, Farm Mistral believes that access to land should not be an inhibiting factor to building a more sustainable food system. Farm Mistral is a 100 acre property offering leases for parcels from 5,000 square feet to five acres or more! Farm Mistrals location offers easy access to markets in both the SF Bay Area as well as Sacramento. Leases for land include water and use of communal tools like our dynamite walk behind rototiller. One acre leases at $96.00 per month Up to 5000 square feet at $85.00 per month Part-time Camping from April to October Currently Farm Mistral is home to a 1.5 acre farm which markets a CSA in Oakland and San Francisco. This small farm serves as a wonderful example of the variety of crops that thrive in the Deltas mild and comfortable climate. From heirloom tomatoes to flowers to melons and winter squash, anything can be grown here in the Deltas clay loam soil! We hope to create a community of farmers who can support each other, share ideas and build a better way to feed ourselves and our neighbors. We hope you’ll join us! Please contact with any questions