Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Partner Opportunity Cloverleaf at Bridgeway Farms in Davis, CA

A partner opportunity is now available at the Cloverleaf at Bridgeway Farms. Currently, the Cloverleaf is a business partnership of four women running a four-acre, four year old stone-fruit orchard and one-acre vegetable field. We run a CSA mainly serving Davis, CA, a farm stand off of I-80 near Davis and some wholesale/restaurant markets. One of the goals at the Cloverleaf is to be a place where aspiring farmers can try out running a commercial farm without the burden of a big financial investment. This coming year, we're looking forward to helping some friends put in some hedgerows at the farm, as well as put in a perennial cover crop in the orchard to be more appropriate for organic management. We'd like to find a person with farm experience who is interesting in becoming an additional partner. If you are more interested in an apprenticeship or internship, we also have beginning positions available as well. If you are interested, please email thecloverleaffarm@gmail.com with questions and/or your resume and a short paragraph explaining your interest by Dec. 31sthttp://thecloverleaffarm.com/