Monday, February 11, 2013

Grow Your Groceries Urban Farmer Initiative now accepting applications!

Have you dreamed of starting a small farm in the city, bringing your organic produce to sell at a weekend farmers’ market? Would you like to turn your yard into a garden that will feed your family throughout the year? Or, do you want to help a school or your community grow healthy food? Soil Born Farms’ Grow Your Groceries is a beginning farmer training program designed to provide knowledge and hands-on experience to the aspiring urban grower. Our instructors are experienced masters of organic agriculture and experts in farm entrepreneurship. Through this class series, you’ll learn business skills as well as best practices in sustainable fruit and vegetable production.

Choose from two different tracks:

Urban Farmer
• Through core and elective classes, this course will teach you the sustainable farming practices and business skills necessary for starting your own small fruit or vegetable farm.

Home Gardener
• Designed for those interested in growing an ample amount of fruits and vegetables in a home, school, or community garden, this course will provide in-depth training on garden design and sustainable annual and perennial crop production.

Both tracks include:
• Three- to four-hour core and elective classes, taught by experienced organic farmers and farming educators;
• Educational visits to organic farms throughout the
region, and
• Hands-on work days at Soil Born Farms

For more information, please contact
Sarah Barnes, Education Coordinator
916 252-6695 •