Saturday, February 23, 2013

Living Lands Agrarian Network is accepting applications for it's 2013 Internship program and Journeyman program!

Organization: Living Lands Agrarian Network provides training and mentorship to a new generation of farmers. Our unique model of cooperative, sustainable agriculture integrates education, resource sharing, community partnerships and celebration around the food we grow. We measure ourselves on our ability to “graduate” new farmers who are competent in the full range of skills they need to grow and sustain successful farm businesses. We recognize that a part of our role, in addition to training and mentorship, is helping to prepare the ground on which new farm businesses will be planted. As a community-based organization, our ability to do this is premised on the strength of local partnerships and networks. To this end, we work to increase the participation of community organizations in LLAN programs including local schools, non-profits, government agencies and a constellation of local farms/farmers; and lend our energies to other organizations that can benefit from our capabilities.

Intern Position: Living Lands Agrarian Network is seeking applicants for its 2013 internship program, which focuses on small-scale ecological farming and community education at the Food Love Project.

The internship is a seasonal position, starting on April 1st, 2013, and ending on November 16th, 2013.  This part time position will entail a minimum of 20 hrs/week including participation in Saturday farmer’s markets from June through November.

About the Food Love Project: 
The Food Love Project is an educational farm that was established in 2010 through the Living Lands Agrarian Network. The farm is devoted to promoting nutrition education, food security, and community involvement in growing, harvesting, eating, and celebrating fresh food! We provide experiential field trips, service projects, and classroom visits to local schools.

As an intern of the Food Love Project, you will have a chance to learn first hand what is involved in running an educational farm from seed to classroom.  In addition to learning the basics of organic farming you’ll get hands on experience and confidence teaching students garden based education. You’ll also have the chance to impact the future of the program with your ideas and feedback.  Oh, and you’ll have a great time (as long as you like being outside, getting dirty, and helping shape our future leaders).

Duties and Responsibilities:
·       Assists with farm work, food production: planting, harvesting
·       Serves as a lead educator, developing lessons in conjunction with Program director and Farm Manager
·       Helps manage U-pick and Farmer’s market
·       Involved in promoting Food Love Project through social media and in the community
·       Has interest in pursuing autonomous projects to benefit educational farm (ie value added products)
·       Tracks activities in garden and education journals

·       Enthusiasm for farm based learning
·       Experience working with diverse groups/kids is a plus
·       Flexibility (of mind and body)
·       Motivated, self-starter
·       Ability to work in the sun for 5+ hours
·       Excitement to give feedback and ideas
·       Attention to detail
·       Ability to do physical labor
·       Ridiculous sense of humor is a must

Location: Food Love Project, 16200 Lake Vera Rd Nevada City, CA

Supervision: Interns will work directly with Program Director and Farm Manager of the Food Love Project.  They will also have the chance to work with other farmers in the network as their interests and educational desires dictate.

Transportation: Intern must provide their own transportation to and from farm site (3 miles).

Compensation: This is an unpaid internship.  Interns will receive room and board in the form of a shared house (with other interns and journeyman farmers) and have access to vegetables from network farms.  It is part time so that if the intern needs to have another job, s/he can.

The house is a shared 4 bedroom, located on a one acre property just a short walk from downtown Nevada City.  For 2 years, Living Lands has been investing in this site as a permaculture education farm and model of integrated backyard gardening.  It has an orchard, bees, chickens, a greywater system, mushroom baskets, cob pizza oven, native hedgerows and a propagation house.

Applications due by March 6th

Journeyman Position: Living Lands Agrarian Network is seeking applicants for its 2013 Journeyman Farmer Program.  Journeyman farmers have at least two years of farm experience (internships + farm work) and are interested in gaining an additional year of experience running a small farm.  LLAN’s Journeyman Program is designed for highly motivated and self-guided individuals to run a small farm or plot on one of LLAN’s farm sites in Nevada City, California.

The Journeyman Farmer is a seasonal position, April 1st, 2013 through November 30th, 2013.  The position will entail a minimum of 30 hrs/week.  The journeyman farmer will be in charge of planning and managing all aspects of farm production.  LLAN will provide assistance and mentorship, as well as access to established markets. 

Duties and Responsibilities:           
§   Manage all aspects of farm production including farm planning, soil preparation, irrigation, field maintenance, harvesting, etc.
§   Sell produce at LLAN markets including at Saturday farmers’ market
§   Keep farm records
§   Self-motivation / strong work ethic
§   Desire to be a farmer

§   Must have at least two years of farming experience
§   Experience working on a diversified vegetable farm
§   Ability to work independently and as part of a team
§   Must have reliable transportation

Location: One of LLAN farm sites in Nevada City, CA.  Housing and basic staples are available at LLAN’s educational farm site in Nevada City.

Supervision: Journeyman farmers will work directly with one of LLAN’s mentor farmers, and will also report monthly to the LLAN Board of Directors.

Compensation: To be determined.

Applications due by March 6th
Please send all application materials to  Include a current resume, cover letter, and three references (at least one that can speak to your farming experience).