Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Land Opportunity in Nevada County!

Nevada County #1435: Partnership in Grass Valley on 173 acre ranch
We are looking for a Full Time Farmer (or young couple) who want to live in this beautiful place and manage the farming operations here - Cows, Sheep, Fruit Trees, and Vegetables.

Much opportunity to Expand the bio-diversity, creativity, and ingenuity that is already here, while enjoying the benefits of eating what we grow.

This is an ideal situation for any farmer who desires to develop the Joel Salatin, "Family Friendly Farm" concept.

Already in place are Irrigated Pastures, Small Paddock Fencing, Electric Fencing System, Stock Water Troughs, and beginning herds of cattle and sheep.  Beautiful terrain...beautiful place to live... You can view photos at

Housing is available on-site, with negotiable terms. Contact for more information.