Monday, March 18, 2013

A New Farm, Online Farmer's Market!

My name is Dan Gannon, I have an organic farm in West Sacramento. After my first two years farming I have identified that the biggest hurdle for new farmers is having a secure and reliable market for farm products. So I've developed one exclusively for new farmers. It is open to all new farmers of any scale. The benefits for farmers include:
You sell direct and set the price, keeping 75% of the sale. 5% goes to cost of the website and credit card processors. 20% is retained for marketing and distribution efforts.
You access a variety of customers(restaurants, workplaces, schools, and two farmer's markets, one in West Sac and one at Sac State University), eaters who value supporting new farmers. While at the same time you retain your individual farm identity and deliver to one location in West Sac.
You secure your sales for the week before you harvest or deliver and customers pay up front.
I hope this will offer more new farmers the ability to earn a living by farming. I want to have as many farm products as possible to offer a diverse selection for buyers, allowing them to buy a significant portion of their food needs in one place. It also offers customers the convenience of ordering online.
Visit the site to see for yourself. Please reply if you have any interest in participating or any questions. It opens April 8th.
Dan Gannon, Humble Roots CSA