Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Agribusiness doesn’t speak for me! Action needed Today!!

The meat industry has worked tirelessly to drive independent producers out of business. Agribusiness giants like Monsanto want to overstep judicial processes and plant genetically engineered crops even if a court has ruled that the crops were approved illegally.

And guess what? Some members of the Senate are on their side.

The Senate’s bill to fund government programs through the rest of 2013 (known as a Continuing Resolution) includes two provisions that support large meat industries and biotech giants, while disregarding the needs of family farmers, independent growers, and sustainable agriculture.

Luckily, we can do something to stop this.

Senator Jon Tester of Montana plans to introduce two amendments today – one for each of the awful provisions – that removes them from the Continuing Resolution.

Your Senator needs to hear from you (and your friends and colleagues!) TODAY, that he/she must vote for both Tester amendments in the Continuing Resolution, and put the livelihoods of independent producers and the health of our communities first – NOT the profits of large corporations.

Will you make a call?

Call your Senators today!!!

Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Sen. Barbara Boxer

The message is simple:

"Please vote for two amendments to the Continuing Resolution introduced by Senator Jon
Tester of Montana that protect family farmers from abuses by the meat industry and support
review of biotechnology products. These two amendments will stand up for family farmers,
ensure that independent producers have a fair chance in the livestock market, and ensure that
courts can review biotechnology products."