Friday, August 30, 2013

New Land Opportunity in Yolo County!

Yolo County #1461
19 acre parcel with house for lease or partnership

900 sqft, two-bedroom house - rent for house, land and machinery is $1200 per month. Property currently planted in four acres of old almond trees which are still producing.  Owners graze Katahdin sheep, a few goats, and some ducks and chickens under these trees and out in the pasture.  The pasture is a former hayfield which could benefit from reseeding. Several acres worth of drought tolerant perennial pasture seed on hand for future planting.

Soil is Tehama clay loam class 2, half flat and half gently sloping. Water supplied by 25gpm well.  Irrigation headers covering about 6-8 acres.  Water is the main limitation of site. Smooth wire electric fence on 3 sides, 8-9 electric mesh portable fences.  Property features 20x50' hoophouse with removable shade cover, tractor garage with 90hp John Deere, tiller, mower, and a disc. Also available are miscellaneous drip supplies and basic tools of all kinds.