Friday, September 20, 2013

New Land Opportunity in Nevada County!

Nevada County #1464
2 acre parcel available for "trade" lease. Property currently in production, was farmed for profit in 2011 (gross sales $18,000). Existing row area is about 1/2 acre, another 1/2 acre expansion area is available in that immediate area (raw native soil). Additionally, next door neighbor has 1 acre of land that was an organic farm 3 years ago, organic status has been maintained, plot is not fenced currently, but could be.

Property is in a warm micro climate, on a gently sloping south facing hillside, with less that a dozen hard freezes a year. Property is a combination of pasture and woods, great sun exposure in all plots. Possible 1/4 acre shaded farming area in open wooded area for summer lettuce etc. 

Owners are looking for a farmer to work one or both properties, in exchange for produce for personal use. Main property is a self-sufficient homestead. Large room available on site, full access to house, own bathroom. Access to pool, hot tub, horses, goat dairy and meat, eggs, etc. Utilities, high speed Internet, cable tv, etc included, owners in mid-thirties. Room is negotiable from FREE to $300 a month based on farming situation, work trade options around house and homestead and lease duration.

Irrigation water is good quality, some silt but filtration installed, currently 1 miners inch supply, could double or triple that if needed. Residential well water (6gpm) is also available, good quality, used only when irrigation water is "off season".

Small John Deere garden tractor with push blade on front and 28" tiller attachment on back plus 2 dump trailers available for lease along with various tools (Riding lawn mower that can pull above trailers, weed eater for weed control between rows , walk behind 18" tiller).