Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Internship opportunities!

Mountain Bounty Farm
Nevada City, California

Internship starts: April 1, possibly earlier
Internship ends: Nov 15
Number of Interns: 5

General Description of Internship:
Interns are a core element of our farm crew (total 12-14 people including interns) and participate in all farm activities from greenhouse work to harvest, delivery, and farmer’s markets. Interns work closely with the farm managers to maintain this complex and dynamic vegetable farm. This includes driving tractors, seeding, transplanting, lots of weeding and other crop care, irrigation, harvest, washing and packing produce, driving deliveries, and small amounts of animal and fruit tree care. Interns work 5 days a week (Mon-Fri), 8+ hours a day and are also responsible for doing one CSA delivery per week, two Saturday farmers markets per month, and occasional minor irrigation duties after hours. We average a 40 hour work week over the season, with slightly shorter weeks in spring and fall, and slightly longer weeks at the height of summer. Internships at Mountain Bounty are challenging, highly sought after, and immensely rewarding. The vast majority of Mountain Bounty alumni go on to either work at other farms or start their own farms. Interns who excel in their first season may be offered management positions and permanent employment here at Mountain Bounty.

Prior farm experience is preferred, but not a requirement. Successful candidates usually have experience with some type of outdoor labor and/or a strong athletic background. We are also looking for people who are serious about farming as a career. This is a top notch training opportunity for someone who is ready to take on the challenge. We are looking for people who are organized, curious, outgoing and personable, wacky and fun, and very motivated. Applicants should be able to work hard and fast in all weather (it can be cold and wet here in spring and fall, and summer temps are very hot) do heavy lifting, repetitive grasping, standing, bending, and lots of walking. Although we keep the work varied, farming is inherently challenging. Ideal candidates are committed to the farming lifestyle and all that it entails. Must appreciate palindromes.

Educational Components:
The majority of the educational component comes through the experience of working directly on the farm: learning by doing. Over the years we have developed a successful system that is also relatively simple and elegant. As an intern, you get the benefit of our many years of learning -- passed along to you. Interns are also, to the extent they are individually ready, gradually given more and more responsibility. We believe that being allowed to take charge of something important, and also being allowed to make mistakes, is one of the richest and most effective ways to learn. Additionally, each intern is responsible for a project of their own: managing chickens, irrigating crops, greenhouse care, farmers markets, etc. Toward the end of the season, we occasionally take field trips to other farms in the area. And periodically we take time to sit down after work for intern directed Q and A discussions (topics like “farm business management”). We love to teach and are stimulated by people who are excited about learning. Long hours in the field provide the perfect opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t, as well as plenty of discussion about why.

Compensation: $1000/month plus housing and produce (includes vegetables, fruit, and eggs).
Housing: The farm housing is situated in a beautiful, wild meadow on the periphery of the farm. There are individual small cabins for sleeping plus a shared kitchen and common space, outdoor shower and composting toilet. Interns are responsible for their own meals.

Application instructions and hiring process:
If, after exploring our website and reading about the internship, you would like to apply, please review the requirements below. Then, please email us a cover letter detailing your interest in our program. Please also include responses to the questionnaire below, and a resume including 3 work or farm related references. If your qualifications meet our standards we will contact you to schedule a phone or on farm interview. Unfortunately we cannot reply to all applicants.

All successful candidates will be required to visit the farm as part of the interview process. We do not accept Skype interviews as a substitute. Due to the serious nature of the program, we believe that it is vitally important for everyone that we get to meet in person, and that you get to see the farm. Please think carefully about this requirement before you apply.

  1. A valid driver’s license
  2. Unfortunately we cannot house pets of interns on the farm
  3. There is no smoking on the farm
  4. All applicants must be available to start work on April 1, 2014 and complete the entire season. In a few cases interns have started on March 1. We cannot host interns from late November through February.

  1. Why are you interested in Mountain Bounty Farm?
  2. What previous experience are you bringing to this position and what do you feel you have to offer?
  3. What practical skills do you hope to acquire?
  4. What are your personal goals related to farming?
  5. Do you have any prior injuries to back, knees, etc. that might limit your ability to do farm work?
  6. The Interns all live and work together on the farm. Do you have any experiences living and working in this type of environment?
  7. Do you have any allergies, food restrictions, or other physical limitations that might affect your ability to live in a rural setting and do farm work?
  8. Please tell us something interesting about yourself (hobbies, obsessions, talents, etc.)

Thank you for sharing this information with us. We will be in touch with you regarding a telephone interview if we think we're a good match!


Soil Born Farms
Sacramento, California

Soil Born Farms is seeking five full-season apprentices for the 2014 season. The apprenticeship runs from March 1 to November 1.

The goal of the apprenticeship program at Soil Born Farms is to provide training for aspiring farmers by teaching the basic concepts and practical applications of organic food production.  At Soil Born Farms, organic food production is a piece of the broader work of the organization, tying food systems into the larger social issues of food security, social justice, and public and ecological health.

Apprentices are exposed to all aspects of food production. They learn about propagation, irrigation, soil management, harvesting, marketing and many other related skills through a combination of hands-on learning and structured classes. Apprentices work and live on the American River Ranch, a 55-acre ranch utilizing field-scale agricultural techniques. Throughout the season, they also have the opportunity to work on our smaller Farm on Hurley Way, a 1.5 acre market garden, applying hand-scale bio-intensive gardening methods.  Produce is distributed to several outlets in the county of Sacramento including an on-site farm stand, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, and retail and restaurant sales. Additionally a significant portion of our produce is grown for the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, for distribution to its clients.  This program is an educational experience but it is also a working apprenticeship; applicants should be prepared to work hard and commit themselves to the task of running a farm.

Housing: 10’x10’ canvas platform tents with access to shared kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Compensation: Food from the farm (vegetables, eggs, etc), modest allotment for supplementary foodstuff and compensation for a portion of hours worked on the farm.

More information and application available at:
Contact with questions.