Monday, October 21, 2013

Sacramento County ID #942: Apprentice Farm Manager Position at Kingbird Farms

Kingbird Farms is a small, diverse, year-round growing operation about 25 miles south of Sacramento, in the heart of California’s Great Central Valley. We run a 20-30 member CSA and sell to Magpie Café, a high-end restaurant in Sacramento.  We have evolved from growing largely for charity (the local food banks) to growing for income (while continuing to make substantial donations to the food banks). 

The farm manager receives room and board, lives in a comfortable private studio apartment, earns a base pay plus a share of revenues, and has use of a vehicle. We are open to considering couples.

The work here varies by season but generally includes soil prep, planting, weeding, harvesting and CSA box assembly, compost management, work in the greenhouse, orchard maintenance, and other farm-related projects. We are non-certified but use sustainable and chemical-free practices. Production is intensive, substantially greenhouse-based, and year-round. We are semi-mechanized, with a larger BCS two-wheeled tractor and Hoss seeder. We grow hops (generally swapped with local home-brewers for beer or used for beer-making here) and have a 120-tree fruit orchard. We have a large "insectivary" of native plants. 

About the place: Kingbird is a 5-acre inholding within the 50,000-acre Cosumnes River Preserve ( The Preserve is a world-renowned refuge for a variety of resident and migratory birds including the Sandhill Crane, which winters here. It is one of the best remaining examples of the Valley landscape as it used to be. Kingbird Farms takes its name from the Western Kingbird, our most colorful and abundant summer migrant songbird. We are six miles west of the small town of Galt, CA, about 25 miles south of Sacramento and 90 miles east of San Francisco.

Internships are also available! Contact for information on how to apply.