Monday, January 13, 2014

Hope to see you there!

The 4th Annual Nevada County's Sustainable Food and Farm Conference is coming up this weekend!
Our 2014 Speaker Line-up:
Wes Jackson
Founder of The Land Institute & Member of World Future Council will discuss perennial polyculture, how we can change our Ag system to become more sustainable and efficient.

Elaine Ingham
Founder of Soil FoodWeb Inc. & previously the Chief Scientist at The Rodale Institute will discuss the importance and role of microbes in our farm and pasture soils, how to increase their populations and their effects, compost tea and other soil fertility subjects.

Amigo Bob Cantisano
President of Organic Ag Advisors & Nevada County farmer will discuss the past, present and future of the modern organic movement with a special focus on Nevada County and the surrounding Northern California area. Where did the movement originate, how it grew and where we should be taking it now for a more sustainable future.

Owen Hablutzel
Holistic Managment Educator & Permaculture Researcher will discuss methodologies for managing pastures and grass lands with a holistic approach. Combining the ideas popularized by Alan Savory, the Permaculture Movement & other similar disciplines to get the most production and resilience from your pastures and grass lands.
Check out the speakers page for complete bios on each speaker. 

Sunday we have a full day of workshops at the Grass Valley Charter School, located next to the Veteran's Hall. We've expanded the workshops even more this year to cover a much larger spectrum of topics and skill levels. Many local and regional experts will share their knowledge. Whether you are just starting out, or been at it most of your life, there will be a full day of knowledge to be gained by all. 
We have increase the scope and the number of workshops that we will be presenting this year. That means more to learn, more opportunity to go to the workshops you want to go to, more workshops about your specific interests, at your level of knowledge and your target application. 
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