Friday, February 21, 2014

Drought info from UCCE

Drought cutbacks to water deliveries in Placer/Nevada will probably be 25 to 35% depending on precipitation totals and storage. Even though we have gotten some rainfall, the snowpack is not adequate, so that will be a real problem for mid-to-late-summer irrigation. So what is your drought plan?

As you may have heard, there is special cost share assistance from the NRCS EQIP program for drought assistance. For those of you with overhead sprinklers, this might be a very good time to change them out for microsprinklers, and get some assistance with it. Or for monitoring irrigation.

The catch is that the NRCS deadline is March 3rd. The Farm Services Agency(FSA) also has some assistance, with a March 27th deadline, but it seems to be more focused on livestock.

Nevada County NRCS office 530.272.3417
Placer County NRCS office 530.885.6505
FSA office serving Placer: 916.714.1104 Elk Grove
FSA office serving Nevada: 530.671.0850 x2 Yuba City

This is the situation, as described by FSA:
From now until March 3 FSA will be prioritizing applications for water hauling (livestock) and NRCS will be handling all other practices.  After March 3 until the ECP deadline on March 27 FSA will take all available practices.  That being said NRCS will be funding some practices that will not be available through FSA.   FSA will not be funding any fencing or irrigation. 

Attached are some information sheets from NRCS and info from FSA. If you have overhead sprinklers or need water storage tanks to be able to irrigate your crops adequately, please call your NRCS office this next week.

Drought Information resources…

We have created a Facebook Group called the Farmer-Rancher Drought Forum.  This group is open to farmers and ranchers, as well as those who work with us.  It is a place to share ideas, ask questions and talk about the impacts of the drought on our farms and ranches.  To join, send an email to Dan Macon at