Monday, April 21, 2014


On April 26 + 27, Agrarian Trust will convene a powerhouse lineup of thinkers, farmers, authors and activists for OURLAND: A Symposium on Land Access in the 21st Century

These speakers will discuss this pivotal moment in our agrarian destiny, and will speak broadly to the topic of land transfer, from the political economy of ownership to the appropriate tools of transfer and social finance, to the magnitude of farmland in question and the environmental impact of its future use.

Speakers include:

Wes Jackson, MacArthur Fellow, and Founder/President of the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, which is breeding perennial grains and seed crops for a polyculture that would mimic natural ecosystems in native prairies of the Midwest. Jackson is author of New Roots for Agriculture (U Nebraska, 1980), and an advisory team member of Agrarian Trust.

Joel Salatin is a farmer,author and advocate for sustainable farming systems. His latest book Fields of Farmers: Interning, Partnering, Mentoring, Germinating offers practical guidance to various stakeholders in the farmland transition and the training of new farmers.

Anuradha Mittal is Director of the Oakland institute, activist and longtime researcher on land grabbing around the world, and recently in the United States. The Oakland Institute recently released the report " Down On the Farm: Wall Street - America's New Farmer"Sjoerd Wartena is the founder of a national land commons or "Land Fund" in France called Terre De Liens in 2008 that now holds over 100 organic farms, leasing them to organic farmers with long-term, equity-building leases.

Elizabeth Henderson is the Founder of the Agricultural Justice Project. She is a pioneer of Community Supported Agriculture, which she practiced for 25 years on her farm in western New York, Peacework Farm. She is author of Sharing the Harvest: a Citizen's Guide to Community Supported Agriculture, and is an advisory team member of Agrarian Trust. Reggie Knox is the Executive Director of California FarmLink, a non-profit that helps famers gain access to land and capital. He has been working with California farmers for 26 years as an organizer, consultant, non-profit manager and inspector supporting small and medium scale farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture.

This event is co-sponsored by Roots of Change, The David Brower Center, Chelsea Green Publishing, Berkeley Food Institute and California FarmLink.

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