Thursday, May 1, 2014

Farm Manager position in the Capay Valley

Small family-owned organic farm being developed in the Capay Valley (7 acres olive orchard, small apricot orchard, experimental wine grapes, hedgerows, native meadows and a stock plant garden for propagation) is looking for help managing the farm. Part of the 70-acre property is fallow and the farm manager will be able to utilize this land for themselves. It is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades job description and a sustainable agriculture background is closest to hitting the average of all duties. It is a full time permanent job for one and perhaps best as a full time job split/shared by two.

The job involves planting, orchard care, harvest and harvest management, product sales and delivery, record keeping, ground squirrel/gopher control, materials/parts ordering and purchasing, irrigation installation/maintenance/repairs, edible garden maintenance, light carpentry; and general repairs. Compensation includes a salary (amount commensurate with experience), health insurance, and high quality land for use.

For additional information, contact Ron Lutsko, Jr,