Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jack-of-all-trades, Capay Oaks Farm, Capay Valley, CA

We run a small family-owned organic farm being developed in Capay Valley, Yolo County. We currently have an olive orchard (7 acres - for oil production), an apricot orchard (very small +/- 120 trees), experimental wine grapes (again small, +/- 200 vines), hedgerows, native meadows and our stock plant garden (for propagation in our nursery – see  Future plans include cut flower production and additional specialty orchard, herb, and berry crops.  Our goal is to create a healthy, ecologically balanced agrarian environment for our family, co-workers, and friends that can support both the land cost, and the effort to manage the land productively.  We utilize about 50% of the 70 - acre property, and are looking for someone to help us manage the farm who is also interested in utilizing fallow land to farm for themselves.

It is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades job description and a sustainable agriculture background is closest to hitting the average of all duties.  It is a full time permanent job for one and perhaps best as a full time job split/shared by two. It is an opportunity to learn about organic ecological farming, native ecosystems, interesting and experimental regionally appropriate plants, work in a beautiful setting, join a community of organic farmers and gardeners, and receive olive oil bonuses! We'd like to share our many years of experience with others who are enthused to learn these skills.
It involves planting; orchard care including pruning, weed control, harvest and harvest management, product sales and delivery, record keeping, ground squirrel/gopher control; materials/parts ordering and purchasing; irrigation installation/maintenance/repairs; edible garden maintenance; light carpentry; and general repairs. 
Experience can range from a recent graduate to a person experienced in farm work. The most important qualifications are enthusiasm, compatible personalities, a desire to learn, and a strong work ethic. Our farming model includes creating opportunity for someone interested in organic farming by providing a basic salary that removes the risk of start-up farming while providing the land to develop an autonomous business.  Compensation includes a salary (amount commensurate with experience), health insurance, and high quality land for use.
Contact –
Ron Lutsko, Jr