Thursday, July 10, 2014

Farm Manager Position at FARM Davis

Farm Manager Position at FARM Davis(10 hrs/week, 11 months from August 2014–July 2015 with a month off during winter)
FARM Davis is an alternative form of civic action, building community through sustainable farming of public and private space, assisting low-income and homeless populations, and integrating local and real food into mainstream culture and education.
We are a community who considers food a political matter in that we support organic food as a basic human right for all, whether someone is able to work or not. Our three FARM Davis “free farms” provide a weekly donation to Davis Community Meals and to low-income housing facilities in Davis, CA.

FARM Davis Core Values1. Pay it forward
2. Build on the ideas and generosity of others—never turn down a gift
3. Employ economic models that promote an equitable and generous culture
4. Work when you can— regularly or intermittently
5. Bring joy to community work and to working together
6. Value quality engagement over quantifiable results
Farm Manager responsibilities include: delegating tasks to FARMers, planting, harvesting, fertilizing, and ensuring that all FARMers follow safety regulations. The successful candidate will hold responsibility for executing weekly production schedules for optimal efficiencies and will make crop / method decisions in cooperation with the FARM Davis community.

Job Duties:
— Provide coaching, support, and direction to members of a work team.
— Work with the FARM community to plan and direct production activities and establish production priorities in keeping with effective operations and cost factors.

— Plan, support and coordinate farm activities and skillshares, such as planting and harvesting, fertilizing and pruning, and maintaining facilities and tools. Mentor and monitor FARMers.

— Inspect fields and equipment to ensure quality and to determine and address maintenance and repair requirements.

— Purchase or acquire supplies and equipment for FARM Davis activities.

— Monitor and maintain the quality and yield of crops;

— Understand the implications of the weather and make contingency plans

— Maintain and apply knowledge of pests and diseases and an understanding of how they spread and how to manage them.

— Apply health and safety standards.

— Identify practices that protect the environment and promote biodiversity, implement them at FARM as a working system and as an example to the larger community.

— Ability to provide leadership, using strong decision making skills, with integrity.
— Ability to organize, participate and facilitate groups with open and honest communication.
— Ability to respond to requests and to reply to email/texts in a timely manner.
— Excellent organizational skills to work efficiently.
— A “can do” attitude.
— Ability to supervise weekly activities, schedule tasks/activities that need to be undertaken.
— Transparent work habits that others can learn from.

— Ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
— Must be able to stand for extended period of time.
— Environmental exposure-seasonal outdoor temperatures.

 4 years practical experience in Sustainable Agriculture, Plant Science, Agroecology, Food Science, Environmental Horticulture, Agriculture, Nutritional Science, or related field.
— 1 year of managerial experience in a food manufacturing environment or farm.
— Valid California Driver License with a clean driving record.  

Send resume, contact information for two references, and cover letter to by 5pm on July 31, 2014. Please address the following questions in your cover letter:
    What experiences do you have that prepare you to work in an environment like FARM Davis?
—  How can you help make FARM Davis more productive, while honoring the core values by which we operate?