Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Free Farmers Campaign from the Farmers Guild

The Farmers Guild has launched a campaign we're calling "Free Farmers". We intend to simply start a dialogue that gives direct and individual voice to producers about the food movement and what they envision, struggle with, or need to succeed. We hope that through this opportunity people--whether agricultural policy-makers or just average consumers--will obtain a broad understanding of the circumstances of the many people who grow their food. No sales or lobbying, just personal statements from farmers about farming and about food. 

Here's the link with more info and instructions:

As for what kinds of statements we're looking for, it's totally up to interpretation and we encourage diverse perspectives, but so far we've got everything from "free farmers set their own prices" to "free farmers eat the food they grow" and even "free farmers get to take a vacation", in addition to more politically-leaning statements. Up to you.