Thursday, August 7, 2014

California FarmLink offers free listings for landowners seeking farmers and ranchers through August 31st

California FarmLink (CFL) is currently seeking landowners with agricultural property available for lease, sale, or partnership. A statewide nonprofit organization, CFL is dedicated to supporting landowners interested in keeping their land agriculturally productive, while helping family farmers and ranchers stay on land and in viable businesses. CFL is one of the only organizations in California connecting landowners with beginning farmers and ranchers, and supporting the development of strong agricultural tenure agreements. The annual service fee is usually $15 per landowner, but the fee will be waived through August 31st.

Landowners interested in finding a farmer or rancher for their land are encouraged to list their property on our website. Upon publication, the listing will be visible to hundreds of farmers searching for land. For more details, please contact Liya Schwartzman, Central Valley Regional Coordinator, at