Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Last chance to sign up for the Permaculture Design Course with Toby Hemenway!

Hello Friends,

Our Permaculture Design Course with Toby Hemenway starts this Saturday, October 25!  There is still space available for this amazing course, but time is short!

I wanted to share my personal experience:

I went to the first weekend of Toby’s Permaculture Design Course in Petaluma last weekend and was BLOWN AWAY.  The excitement of the other students was palpable as well.   All weekend long,  I heard words and phrases like “life-changing,” “transformative” and “Why isn’t everyone taking this course?”  Teachers, therapists, landscapers, contractors, doctors, lawyers – it was incredible how many different kinds of people were there for different reasons, and all finding out that permaculture is way more than just an approach to gardening.

If you’re curious, if you’re interested, if you know someone who might be, please contact me and share widely.

Thank you, and happy growing!

Sarah Barnes
Education Coordinator
Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture & Education Project

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