Monday, March 16, 2015

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Financing A Farmland Purchase: Legal basics for traditional and non-
traditional farmland purchases
Monday, March 23rd
10am - 12pm PST,

Finding money to purchase land and capital is a huge issue for many farmers.
Bank loans, land contracts (aka contracts for deed), and family financing
offer some solutions. The legal language behind promissory notes, security
agreements, land contracts, and mortgages isn’t just “boilerplate.” Farmers
will learn the basics behind these documents. Farmers are also exploring new
opportunities such as crowdsourcing funds from farm customers, friends, and
members. To avoid costly fines, farmers must pay attention to the state and
federal securities laws that affect these opportunities. This webinar will
give farmers knowledge of the legal basics when financing farmland.

Efficiently Manage Your Farm’s Risks With Insurance
Tuesday, March 24th
10am-12pm PST

Insurance is vital to build a resilient farm, but it’s enough to make anyone’s
head spin. What’s a farm liability policy and is it the same as a property/
casualty policy? How does it work with a homeowner’s policy? Is workers’
compensation required and how does it work? If that isn’t enough, we also have
to think about commercial policies for value-added products and farm events.
Crop insurance is also important -- we’ll learn about the latest and most
affordable options. Find the right policies for you with this webinar.
* Attendees of this webinar will receive early access to Farm Commons' updated
insurance chart!

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website if you cannot make the live event. You can stream recorded webinars at