Friday, June 19, 2015

Exciting Land Opportunity at Sunol Ag Park!

There are at least 2 vacant acres at the Sunol Ag Park that will be leased beginning in September of 2015. This land is located within the 18 acre organic Ag Park in Sunol, CA and is adjacent to farms currently in production. The Sunol Ag Park is a project of Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) in conjunction with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). The Ag Park itself is located near the Sunol Water temple on land in the Sunol Valley owned by the SFPUC. 
The land has a long history of agricultural production over the past century ranging from walnut orchards, hay fields, to row crops. Two creeks, Alameda Creek and Arroyo de la Laguna border the property. This is an ideal setting for a new or existing farmer to grow a farm business as there is not only easy access to water with meters adjacent to each acre it  is also conveniently situated in the Tri Valley region of Alameda County, only miles away from major market outlets.  

Water is billed at $496.58/ac/ft. Land is leased at $1000/ac/yr.
The following is some criteria which will help a farmer be successful at the Ag Park:

  • Prior knowledge and experience in organic farming principles
  • Must have or be working towards organic certification
  • Ability to manage land without compromising the ecosystem
  • Have a business plan and the resources to sustain a business
  • Can successfully and respectfully cooperate and interact with farmers and other Ag Park community members

      Any interested farmer or prospective farmer is encouraged to apply! Basic written and spoken English language is required. English language learners are welcome to apply. Please fill out the prospective farmer interest form which can be found on the SAGE website:

Please send requests for more information or completed interest forms to Aspen:
Applications are due at the end of June. SAGE and Sunol Ag Park would like to select a farmer by the end of July.