Friday, January 8, 2016

Holistic Management Workshop at Soul Food Farm

The solution to climate change is right beneath our feet. We can grow food and fiber while actually improving the environment instead of degrading it. Think this sounds crazy? Awesome? Want to learn more? 

Join Soul Food Farm and the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management at Soul Food Farm in Vacaville, California on February 27 from 9 am to 4 pm to learn how we all can reverse climate change by producing and consuming products grown in regenerating soils.  Sponsors of the event are Soul Food Farm, and The Savory Institute.

“This workshop is for proactive land managers who want to learn the tools of holistic management in order to build biological health and diversity into their soil while ensuring healthier profits,” said Spencer Smith, co-owner of the Jefferson Center and an accredited holistic management instructor. Holistic management is applied most frequently to land-based businesses because it is an effective framework for managing the complexities of natural systems. However, any family, business or organization can benefit from taking a holistic approach to decision making.

“This workshop will empower farmers and ranchers to make their land drought tolerant and mitigate the effects of fire damage to a landscape,” said Abbey Smith, co-owner of the Jefferson Center.

Abbey Smith and her husband Spencer started the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, which is a Savory Institute Network Hub serving Northern California and Nevada. They are one hub in a global network of “ordinary folks working to advance holistic management for the people and places they cherish most,” Abbey Smith said.

Alexis Koefoed, owner of Soul Food Farm, employs soil-regenerating techniques on her 55 acres of prime pasture and farmland in Vacaville, Calif. “Farming has to keep evolving and offer new lessons. As Earth’s needs become more dire it’s our job to work with nature to repair soils and agriculture,” said Alexis Koefoed, owner of Soul Food Farm. She is determined to share the news that grazing livestock can save the planet.

Bring a little cash for the fabulous food truck lunches that will be available for purchase on the farm. Packing your own lunch and enjoying a picnic in the farm fields or orchard is an option, too. Please share this will your farmer and rancher friends. We can create change!

 Alexis Koefoed