Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Exciting new opportunity in Solano County!

Solano #2151: Become a co-owner of Terra Firma Farms in Yolo and Solano Counties! 
See our website:
A 40% share in this well-established certified organic fruit, nut, and vegetable farming business is available. Terra Firma Farm was incorporated in 2003, marketing mostly to the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. The business started in 1984 on 2 leased acres and it has grown to $3 million+ gross annual sales, including a 1000-family CSA. The buyer would likely become a salaried employee of the corporation, negotiating his or her job description with the other two partners (shareholders).
We farm about 240 organically certified acres near Winters, CA. Some of this land has been certified organic since 1984. Most of the land is flat or nearly flat surrounded by rolling hills with the Blue Ridge Mountains less than 10 miles to the west. We don’t have our own animals on the farm, but have relationships with local organic sheep and chicken farmers who are always ready to graze off the remains of a finished crop. Although the corporation doesn’t own the land, each of the three current shareholders owns land, and other farmed acreage is leased. Some of this land may be available for purchase.