Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sunflower Hill Garden at Hagemann Ranch, Lead Farmer Job Announcement

The SFH Gardens Lead Farmer will be responsible to provide expertise

concerning all farming technical aspects of the SUNFLOWER HILL Gardens at

Hagemann Ranch located at 455 Olivina Avenue, Livermore, CA. The

Lead Farmer duties will include, but not be limited to, providing gardening

expertise and consulting support in the continued development and management

of the SUNFLOWER HILL Gardens.

The Lead Farmer will be expected to spend up 80% his/her time utilizing basic

farm/garden tools preparing, planting, and maintaining of the garden, and 20% of

his/her time engaged in the planning/design of the garden, leading on the planting

efforts in the garden, demonstration of techniques, and consulting on other aspects

of the garden.

Lead Farmer Responsibilities will include the following:

1. Develop/Maintain overall Garden plan, maintain ongoing garden plan/map

seasonally, with measurements, irrigation system design, planting beds

layout, plantings, and overall plan.

2. Perform soil remediation as required and maintain irrigation as required

3. Materials/Plants: Provide guidance on plants, seeds, amendments, and

other materials required for the garden

4. Tools & equipment procurement: Provide guidance on equipment to be

procured including tools & gardening utilization techniques

5. Plantings: Lead efforts on vegetable plantings and maintenance of plants

in fields

6. Weed/Pest Abatement: Lead efforts on weed/pest abatement

and maintenance of fields

7. Lead for Additional Garden Contractors: Lead and provide guidance for

additional garden hired contractor help

8. Consulting support for volunteer efforts and guidance of work involved

9. Consulting support for development of various Special Needs program

gardening activities

Lead Farmer Hours:

The Lead Farmer is a part-time position. The expected hours performed by the

farmer will range from 8 to 20 per week depending on the season and needs of the

garden. The Lead Farmer is expected to work on Tuesdays from 9-12pm and

attend weekly Garden Team meetings on Tuesdays 12p-1p. Additional work hours

should be performed when the SFH Gardens management team is there

on Fridays and/or Saturdays between 9-12p, unless otherwise agreed by the

Garden Director.

Minimum Requirements:

- 3-5 years experience working in edible farming/horticulture on a farm and/or

large garden

- Bachelor degree or College Associates Certificate in Horticulture. Masters

degree in Horticulture a plus

- Comfortable working with individuals with special needs and developmental


- Prior experience in managing/leading/planning a large garden or small farm

- Experience leading and guiding farm employees/volunteers

- Experience in teaching horticultural practices a plus

- Experience working with individuals with special needs a plus

Additional Details:

Time sheets must be submitted weekly detailing the hours and work completed.

Compensation will be paid monthly. This will be processed at the end of each

month after receipt of the final week's timesheet for the month, and be deposited

directly into the farmer’s bank account.

The Lead Farmer shall perform work for SUNFLOWER HILL on a non-exclusive

basis and shall retain the right to provide the same or similar services to other

clients provided that such work does not interfere with the ability of the farmer to

fulfill his obligations at SFH Gardens in a timely basis.

The Lead Farmer is a Contractor position, not employee. The Contractor is

responsible for all insurance (workers compensation, unemployment, etc.) and all

payroll related taxes, and the Contractor is not entitled to any employee benefits.

Reference check and Security check will be required.