Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Job Opportunity at Cloverleaf Farm

We have a part-time to full-time job available at the Cloverleaf Farm, a 5 acre organic fruit farm located between Davis and Dixon. We have two current farm partners - Katie Fyhrie and Emma Torbert - and one part-time employee, and are looking for one more person to join the team. The position will be 20 hours per week from March 1st until May 1st and 40 hours per week from May until September at $12/hr. We are looking for someone that is interested in farming as a career and would like to work towards becoming a full partner at the Cloverleaf Farm. The work will consist of fruit tree care (thinning, pruning), fruit picking, packing, and delivery, row crop planting and cultivation, and fruit preservation (jams, fruit leathers).  
Our goal at The Cloverleaf is to grow excellent fruit while having a positive impact on our soil, our environment, and our local community.  Our vision is to create a thriving orchard ecosystem burgeoning with insects, wildlife, and soil microorganisms that minimizes water and energy consumption, as well as other external inputs.  We believe in treating ourselves and our customers with care, and strive to explore innovative farming ideas, foster creativity and provide an educational forum for the community.  As The Cloverleaf continues to expand and diversify, we aim to develop new markets to further integrate the farm into our local food system.  We have lots of ideas and plenty of work to do - and we could use your help!

Anybody interested in the position please contact Emma and Katie at - please email us with a statement of your interest, skills and qualifications and attach your resume.