Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Jobs at Say Hay Farms!

Assistant Field Manager and Farm Crew jobs available at Say Hay Farms in Esparto!

Say Hay Farms started in 2010 with just two acres and 100 hens.  Having farmed 20 acres for the past few years, we are completing the transition to our new packing facility and infrastructure in Esparto, CA.  We farm two properties totaling about 45 acres of vegetable ground, 5 acres of almonds in need of rehabilitation, and a half-acre of oranges.  With the time needed to properly rotate and fertilize our grounds with chickens and cover crops, we usually don’t have more than 25 acres in vegetable production at a time.  
Our goal is to meet much of our fertilization needs through pastured hens and cover crops, supplemented with compost and imported manure fertilizer when necessary.  Our current laying flocks total 1600 laying hens, with plans for additional flocks.
Our current Field Manager has over twelve years of experience on all aspects of organic farms and is a highly-skilled mechanic, engineer, and farmer. The Assistant Field Manager would benefit from one+ year of training under our current manager before taking over his role. Our Field Manager is responsible for all of our of our tractor work and irrigation duties.

The first year’s time would be split between working under the Field Manager and Harvest Manager to learn all aspects of our operation. The ideal candidate is looking for a long-term position as a crucial part of our team’s success.
We run a John Deere 5075e and 5100MH mudder for our tillage and harvest operations. A converted electric Allis-Chalmers G performs much of the precision cultivation. A John Deere 4410 loader-backhoe is used for front loader as well as construction work. Our packing shed attempts to maximize efficiency with use of a Caterpillar GP20 forklift and pallet jacks.
We use both sprinkler pipe, surface drip, and sub-surface drip for our pastures and row crops.
Having grown for a small 60-member CSA, restaurants, farmers’ markets, independent grocers, co-ops, and wholesale distributors, we are currently on a trajectory towards focusing on the latter.
Our farm business strategy is to have the equipment and systems necessary to operate efficiently with a small team, the data to make informed planning decisions, and the skill and attention to detail needed to execute those plans successfully. 
We are a young evolving farm and looking for the right person to help support our growth, and, hopefully grow into a longer-term role in our farm’s success.