Monday, November 20, 2017

Learn to farm!  Hone your skills with Farm Crew!  Apply now to join a cohort of early-career farmers working and learning on sustainable farms throughout Nevada County, California.  Host-farm job opportunities vary from part-time to full-time.  Some include housing.  In addition to on-the-job training, Farm Crew members will meet every other week for advanced production skills classes taught in the field by local experts.  At least one season of experience is strongly encouraged.  To learn more and apply, visit our website:

Duties & Responsibilities:
Job responsibilities and wages will be determined by individual host farms. Our host farms produce a diversity of crops including vegetables, fruit, flowers, eggs, milk and meat. Examples of the type of work you may be doing: growing starts in the greenhouse, prepping soil for planting, planting, weeding, irrigation, trellising, harvesting, post-harvest washing and packing, selling at market, making deliveries, animal care and all the other aspects of running a commercial farm.  Early mornings and inclement weather to be expected.  To learn more about our host farms, visit
Farm Crew members are required to attend advanced production skills class every other week from May to November.  
The proposed classes for the 2018 season are:
Transplants and Direct Seeding for Production Success
Plant Propagation and Green House Management
Natural and Organic Fertilization and Composting
Row Crop Irrigation, How to Take a Soil Test and Interpret the Results
Identifying Pests, Beneficial Insects and Management Options
Soil Tillage, Cultivation and Ecological Weed Management
Crop Planning, Successions, Seed Ordering
Build Soils with Cover Crops
Permaculture for a Rich and Abundant Future
An Introduction to Biodynamics
Small Farm Mechanics and Maintenance
Crop Season Extension Ideas

Experience & Education:
Ideal candidates for Farm Crew are:

-Serious about a career in sustainable farming and ranching,
-Prepared to commit to and work hard for a commercial farming operation for an entire season,
-Have spent at least one season farming,
-Ready and willing to build community with other Farm Crew members,
-Committed to independent learning.

Application Instructions:
To learn more and apply, please go to

Applications must be submitted by 12/31/17.  After an initial screening, qualified applicants will be passed on to host-farms for hiring for the 2018 season with positions offered by March 2018.  Start dates will be determined by host farms.