Monday, March 26, 2018

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Growing Opportunity:
Farm Finance Expo
March 28, 2018
11am - 5pm
West Sacramento City Hall Galleria 
One Stop Shopping for Ag Loans and Resources for Financing 
Your Farm Business!
  • Meet Local Ag Lenders and Explore Financing Options
  • Learn How to Pitch a Farm Business for Financing
  • Manage Your Farm's Finances (Instead of Your Finances Managing You)
Panels and workshops will include lenders, farmers and trainers who will cover the following topics:
  • Why Borrow: The Benefits of Financing- featuring farmers' stories of practical use of capital and risks of underinvesting in your business
  • Budgeting for Success: A Profit & Loss Craft Circle- a hands-on activity to build confidence in financial projections
  • Lender and Farmer Panel- featuring fruitful relationships
  • Alternative Financing Panel- examples from the evolving field 
  • Plus Keynote speech from Kate Danaher, Senior Manager at RSF Social Finance!
Be sure to take advantage of one of these unique opportunities offered by FarmLink at the Farm Finance Expo:
  • Financial Check-Up: together we'll explore your financial goals and action plans.
  • Loan Pre-Qualification: together we can determine if and how you might use additional capital in 2018. Just bring your past three years of business tax records, current financial statements, and production and marketing plan and we'll see what's possible, or come up with an action plan to make it possible.

In less than one hour we can assess your potential need for business financing!

Please contact to learn more or schedule your appointment in advance.
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California FarmLink | 831.425.0303 |
Pastured Poultry Production and Networking Workshops; Register here:

Next Workshop: Thursday March 29, 2018 in Davis/Esparto
(Other upcoming workshops: Hands-on processing workshop at Santa Rosa Junior College Friday May 18; Salinas workshop May 30 and Central Coast farm tour in early June; 2-day session including poultry nutrition in Corvallis, OR in August. Contact us for more information!)
Where: Morning workshop at Glide Ranch (36355 Russell Blvd), Davis, CA;
Afternoon farm visit to Say Hay Farms (19182 Co. Rd 87B), Esparto, CA
Intended Participants: Any producer (including prospective & beginning farmers) interested in raising poultry (layers and/or broilers) on pasture and improving their poultry production systems and business management.
Approach: This workshop is focused on participatory learning and will alternate between presentations, case ”scenario” discussion, Q & A sessions, farm visit and hands-on demonstrations. The day will include networking opportunities with other farmers. Lunch will be provided and a light breakfast will be available in the morning. We will be visiting a working a diversified organic farm with pastured poultry (laying hens).
What You Will Learn: Preventative health, production system design considerations, organic certification, marketing and labeling, recordkeeping and profitability.
Project Resource People / Presenters:
-Anny Huang, UC Davis: Poultry production and social networking survey.
-Maurice Pitesky, Cooperative Extension, Poultry Health and Food Safety Epidemiology, University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine: Pasture-based production systems; Bird health preventive practices and monitoring (e.g. Salmonella testing); Hands-on demonstration of mobile apps for easily collecting on-farm data.
-Deb Niemeier, UC Davis, Civil & Environmental Engineering, current and founding Director for the Sustainable Design Lab: Design considerations in housing and equipment for systems productivity.
-Chris Hay, Say Hay Farms, CCOF-certified organic diversified crop farmer & pastured poultry producer
-Ann Baier, National Center for Appropriate Technology/ATTRA, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, Organic Inspector: How to find out what you need to know to develop increasingly workable, legal, profitable management of organic and pasture-based systems for raising birds, handling eggs, and processing poultry meat.
Cost: $20 includes lunch. Pre-registration requested to ensure minimum participation requirements are met, and food orders are accurate.
Information Resources: commercial, small to medium scale & backyard poultry production and

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Job Opportunity at the Cloverleaf Farm

Job Description: 
Our goal at the Cloverleaf Farm is to produce excellent fruit while improving our soil, our environment, and our local community. Our vision is to create a thriving farm-ecosystem, burgeoning with insects, wildlife, and soil microorganisms, that minimizes water and energy consumption, as well as other external inputs. We believe in treating ourselves and our customers with care, and we strive to explore innovative farming ideas, foster creativity, and provide an educational forum for the community. As our farm continues to expand and diversify, we aim to develop new markets to further integrate the farm into our local food system. We have lots of ideas and plenty of work to do -- and we could use your help!
The Cloverleaf Farm is operated by three partners -- Katie Fyhrie, Emma Torbert, and Kaitlin Oki. The farm currently manages a four-acre stone fruit orchard, an acre of mixed annual and perennial crops, an acre of blackberries, a small citrus grove, and multiple hedgerows. We market our fruit and fruit-based value-added products to customers throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area regions via a number of grocery stores, the Davis Farmers Market, the Collins Community Farmstand, our sliding-scale CSA, U-picks, and Ugly Fruit Club. We are currently initiating a process of converting our partnership into a worker-owned cooperative and seeking potential member-owners.
Duties & Responsibilities: 
Start date: April 1 (flexible)
Compensation: $12-13.50/hour depending on qualifications
Hourly expectations: five 8-10 hour shifts per week
Job responsibilities:
Annual fruit and vegetable production
Fruit tree care
Blackberry care
Hedgerow maintenance
Harvesting, sorting and packing fruit
Producing jams, fruit leathers and syrups
Delivering wholesale and CSA orders
Working farmers markets and the Collins Community Farmstand
Attending regular meetings
Management opportunities:
Ugly Fruit Club
Farm-to-school crop contracts
Row crop production
Opportunities for advancement:
During March-August, employees will perform the job responsibilities listed above. In September, employees will have the opportunity to assess whether they would like to continue a farming career at Cloverleaf Farm and work toward becoming a full partner.
Education & Experience: 
Required qualifications.
Availability to work part-time or full-time March 1 - April 30 (flexible)
Availability to work full-time May 1 - September 30
Previous farming and/or commercial kitchen experience
Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills
Ability to lift 50+ pounds on a daily basis
Driver’s license and ability to drive or bike to work
Preferred qualifications.
Flexibility in working weekends
Previous experience with group decision-making processes
Interest in a career in farming and working toward becoming a full farm partner
Experience in any of the following:
Wholesale or direct-consumer marketing
Social media or web development
Value-added product production or other kitchen experience
Farm management (esp. blackberries, fruit trees and vegetables)
Crew management
Delivery coordination
Field equipment operation
Administrative tasks
Grant writing and management
Habitat restoration
Application Instructions: 
Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and interested applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible. If you are interested in this position, please complete a written application. We will review your application materials within one week and follow up with you to let you know if we would like to schedule a working interview. If you are having difficulties accessing or completing the written application, email Kaitlin
Copy and paste this link for the written application:

Property for lease in Solano County

4 acre Orchard and some open ground for lease in Winters. Orchard is comprised of 80 producing peach trees (many varieties), 80 producing apricot trees (2 varieties), 80 producing Olive trees, 80 producing Almond trees (3 varieties), 300 mandarin trees (2 varieties, not yet producing 2 yrs old), 40 other various producing citrus trees (lemons and oranges). 2 to 3 acres of grassland in which orchard could be expanded. The land is undulating. 
Ideally, a small local farmer would lease the 3+ acre orchard and expand it or plant other crops in the remaining 3 acres. Said farmer would maintain the trees, mow, prune, spray etc and harvest and sell the fruit. Chickens could be compatible.

Learn more here.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Farm Internship at Mountain Bounty Farm in Nevada City!

Job Description: 
Mountain Bounty Farm is a certified organic 16 acre vegetable farm located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. We operate a 600 member CSA program, as well as sell wholesale and at the local farmer's market. Interns are a core element of our 12-14 person farm crew and they participate in all farm activities from greenhouse work to harvest, field work, and farmer’s markets. Interns work closely with the farm managers to maintain our complex and dynamic vegetable farm. This includes driving tractors, seeding, transplanting, lots of weeding, irrigation, harvest, washing and packing produce, driving deliveries, and other crop care.
Interns work Monday through Friday, 8+ hours per day, and are also responsible for two Saturday farmers markets per month, and occasional irrigation duties after-hours. We average a 40-hour work week over the season, with slightly shorter weeks in spring and fall, and slightly longer weeks at the height of summer.
Internships at Mountain Bounty Farm are challenging, highly sought after, and immensely rewarding. The vast majority of Mountain Bounty alumni go on to either work at other farms or start their own farms. Interns who excel in their first season may be offered management positions and permanent employment here at Mountain Bounty.
Duties & Responsibilities: 
Prior farm experience is preferred, but not a requirement. Successful candidates usually have experience with some type of outdoor labor and/or a strong athletic background. We are also looking for people who are serious about farming as a career. This is a top-notch training opportunity for someone who is ready to take on the challenge and responsibility of farming.
We are looking for people who are organized, curious, outgoing and personable, wacky and fun, and very motivated. Applicants should be able to work hard and fast in all weather (it can be cold and wet here in spring and fall, and summers are very hot), do heavy lifting, repetitive grasping, standing, bending, and lots of walking. Although we keep the work varied, farming is inherently challenging. Ideal candidates are committed to the farming lifestyle and all that it entails.
Education & Experience: 
The majority of the educational component comes through the experience of working directly on the farm: learning by doing. Over the years, we have developed a successful system that is also relatively simple and elegant. One benefit as an intern is reaping the bounty of our many years of learning, passed along to you over the course of your internship. Interns are gradually given more and more responsibility, to the extent they are individually ready. We believe that being allowed to take charge of something important, and also being allowed to make mistakes, is one of the richest and most effective ways to learn.
Additionally, each intern is responsible for a project of their own: managing chickens, irrigating crops, greenhouse care, farmers markets, etc. Toward the end of the season, we occasionally take field trips to other farms in the area, and periodically we take time to sit down after work for intern-directed Q&A discussions (topics like “farm business management”). We love to teach and are stimulated by people who are excited about learning. Long hours in the field provide the perfect opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t, as well as plenty of discussion about why.
Application Instructions: 
visit our website for more detailed information on our internship program and instructions on how to apply. Any questions email Missy at

Farm Worker Position at Riverhill Farm in Nevada County!

Job Description: 
Riverhill Farm is three full-time farm employees for the 2018 season. Riverhill Farm is a thriving, economically successful twenty-acre farm located near the Yuba River just three miles from the town of Nevada City. 2018 will be an exciting transition year for us as the Farm Manager for the last two years (Antonio Garza) takes over for the long-time farmers (Alan Haight and Jo McProud). We are a small, interdependent group working together to grow beautiful produce, and to enhance the life of our community through healthy food, a healthy and diverse ecosystem, and by maintaining a farm that is open to the public. The majority of our produce is sold within ten miles of the farm, and all of it is sold within our county. Our markets include two farmers’ markets, our farm stand at the farm which includes u-pick berries, our local natural foods co-op, and restaurants. In place of a traditional CSA we have developed our innovative Friend of the Farm program to support the farm and provide customer flexibility and choice.
Duties & Responsibilities: 
Together with the farmer all farm employees at Riverhill Farm work to fulfill the core responsibilities of running a successful farm. Tasks include all of the activities related to vegetable farming from seeding to harvest and sales. We are looking for one person to start immediately,, and two persons to start approximately May 1st with work ending on November 17th. Employees are paid hourly for all hours worked (we aim for a forty hour work week) Monday through Friday and, in rotation with the rest of the crew, one farmers’ market per month on a Saturday.
Education & Experience: 
The preferred applicant will have at least one full year of experience in agricultural production and be able to demonstrate increasing responsibility over time. An applicant should be internally motivated to help operate a diversified organic production system, and be able to work independently with close attention to quality and detail. Familiarity with farm machinery and equipment operations is a plus but not required.
Application Instructions: 
To apply, please send a detailed letter of interest and a complete resume, including at least three references (preferably farming related) to All qualified applicants will receive a reply. A farm visit is highly recommended. More information about our farm (including a more extensive job description) can be found on our website at

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Seasonal Farm Worker at 24 Carrot Farm

Job Description: 
24 Carrot Farm is a diversified certified organic farm situated in the Apple Hill area of Placerville, CA. We have 4 acres of annual and perennial vegetables, herbs and flowers, and several acres of established apple varieties. We follow agroecological farming practices and are committed to farming using sustainable and restorative techniques. Our operations include on site farm stand (including market-style CSA), u-pick, farmer’s markets and wholesale to local grocers and restaurants, educational and community field trips and events.
Duties & Responsibilities: 
-Primary responsibility is to harvest, wash and pack produce
-Utilize and update paperwork to record tasks completed
-Perform field work including but not limited to seeding, transplanting, hand weeding, hoeing, moving irrigation, and watering
-Daily use and safe-handling of farm equipment including tilers, wheelbarrows, tools and hand-tools such as shears and knives
-Assist as needed at the onsite farm stand: setting up, breaking down, restocking etc
-Perform some or most of the following non-field work: cleaning packing area and equipment, delivering produce locally, build-out and maintenance of farm grounds, construction of hoop-houses and additional farm infrastructure, vehicle and tractor use; fencing and trellising work; other up-keep or strenuous and skilled farming tasks as required
-Willingness to work and preparation for working outdoors in all weather conditions
Education & Experience: 
-Able to perform physically demanding and repetitive tasks; able to lift 50+ lbs repeatedly
-Valid driver's license and reliable transportation
-Must work well as a team
-Previous farm experience preferred but not necessary
-Ability to work outside in all weather conditions
Application Instructions: 
Please send resume and professional references to If you have questions or do not have a resume but are interested in the position please send an email information about yourself and best contact method.

Farm Manager Position with 24 Carrot Farm

Job Description: 
24 Carrot Farm is a diversified certified organic farm situated in the Apple Hill area of Placerville, CA. We have 4 acres of annual and perennial vegetables, herbs and flowers, and several acres of established apple varieties. We follow agroecological farming practices and are committed to farming using sustainable and restorative techniques. Our operations include on site farm stand (including market-style CSA), u-pick, farmer’s markets and wholesale to local grocers and restaurants, educational and community field trips and events.
Duties & Responsibilities: 
-Provide oversight and management of the farm crew, working closely with the Farm Owner
-Work closely with Farm Owner to develop and model proper and efficient techniques and systems
-Oversee and inspire farm staff training and development, scheduling and day-to-day management to meet the farm’s goals
-Works in a time efficient manner, can take / give feedback in time management or operations
-Develop and implement planting schedule, crop and variety selection, working closely with the Farm Owner
-Manage cover cropping, composting, planting, cultivating, weeding/weed suppression, pest management, all aspects of soil management, disease scouting and prevention using organic production methods
-Post-harvest handling, storage, and preparation of crops while maintaining rigorous quality standards
Assist with orchard maintenance, including thinning, pruning, tracking insects/disease
-Work with the Farmstand and Distribution Manager to coordinate harvests for the farmstand, restaurant, and grocery orders
-Record and document daily work flows, create lists of projects, and generally maintain detailed records including harvest, inputs, plantings and other field activities
-Help with general farm work building, maintenance and other projects, select and procure supplies
-Operate a variety of mechanical equipment including but not limited to: tractors, implements and other vehicles, drills, seeders irrigation systems,, plumbing equipment and electrical like timers, fans, heaters ect.
-Maintain a clean and safe work environment, including work site and equipment including directing of farm team to do the same
Education & Experience: 
-3+ years of documented work experience on a farm with at least two of those
years being in a personnel management capacity
-Able to perform physically demanding and repetitive tasks; able to lift 50+ lbs repeatedly
-Valid driver's license and reliable transportation
-Must work well as a team
-Ability to work outside in all weather conditions
-Experience in computer management software and Google suite including Google Docs and Sheets
-Communicate as needed with team via email, cell phone and text message
-Experience with the organic certification process a plus
-4 season growing experience with knowledge in hoophouse and greenhouse production a plus
-Knowledge of farm equipment machinery and repairs a plus
Application Instructions: 
Please send resume and professional references or questions to

Monday, March 5, 2018

New opportunity for lease in Solano County!

400 acres for lease in Suisun city, across from the Western railroad museum. Gently rolling ground, fronts highway 12 for over a mile with lots of visibility. Soft, sandy soil currently used for pasture and dry farming but would be suitable for many other operations including vineyard development. Interior road leads through to landowner property. Available in October 2018, seeking viable candidates for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Learn more here.

New Opportunity for Sale in Fresno!

Approximately 35 acre property and home for sale in Reedley at $1.1 million. Terrain is mostly level on each side of an ancient abandoned fork of the Kings River. The farm was flood irrigated when purchased in 1972, but the drip system (1979) made it much easier. On the south side is a 2 acre copse of ancient eucalyptus, home to great horned owls and breeding red tail hawks. Owner would like to see the property continue in sustainable agricultural production.

Learn more here.
California Climate & Agriculture Network (CalCAN) is hiring a Campaign Organizer
CalCAN is a statewide coalition that advances state and federal policy to realize the powerful climate solutions offered by sustainable and organic agriculture. The Campaign Organizer will play an important role in expanding CalCAN’s capacity to build a wider network of farmer and rancher, membership organization and business partners in key legislative districts throughout California. The Campaign Organizer will be responsible for developing and cultivating relationships and coordinating the mobilization of partners willing to take action on CalCAN campaigns.
The ideal candidate will be committed to sustainable agriculture, with a demonstrated interest in using policy, organizing and campaigning to effect systems change. The position requires occasional work on weekends and evenings and travel regularly throughout the state, with overnight travel averaging twice per month. The position can be based in either Sebastopol or Sacramento, CA.
The position will be open until filled. The ideal start date for the successful candidate is May 1, 2018Click here for the complete job posting.