Monday, March 26, 2018

Pastured Poultry Production and Networking Workshops; Register here:

Next Workshop: Thursday March 29, 2018 in Davis/Esparto
(Other upcoming workshops: Hands-on processing workshop at Santa Rosa Junior College Friday May 18; Salinas workshop May 30 and Central Coast farm tour in early June; 2-day session including poultry nutrition in Corvallis, OR in August. Contact us for more information!)
Where: Morning workshop at Glide Ranch (36355 Russell Blvd), Davis, CA;
Afternoon farm visit to Say Hay Farms (19182 Co. Rd 87B), Esparto, CA
Intended Participants: Any producer (including prospective & beginning farmers) interested in raising poultry (layers and/or broilers) on pasture and improving their poultry production systems and business management.
Approach: This workshop is focused on participatory learning and will alternate between presentations, case ”scenario” discussion, Q & A sessions, farm visit and hands-on demonstrations. The day will include networking opportunities with other farmers. Lunch will be provided and a light breakfast will be available in the morning. We will be visiting a working a diversified organic farm with pastured poultry (laying hens).
What You Will Learn: Preventative health, production system design considerations, organic certification, marketing and labeling, recordkeeping and profitability.
Project Resource People / Presenters:
-Anny Huang, UC Davis: Poultry production and social networking survey.
-Maurice Pitesky, Cooperative Extension, Poultry Health and Food Safety Epidemiology, University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine: Pasture-based production systems; Bird health preventive practices and monitoring (e.g. Salmonella testing); Hands-on demonstration of mobile apps for easily collecting on-farm data.
-Deb Niemeier, UC Davis, Civil & Environmental Engineering, current and founding Director for the Sustainable Design Lab: Design considerations in housing and equipment for systems productivity.
-Chris Hay, Say Hay Farms, CCOF-certified organic diversified crop farmer & pastured poultry producer
-Ann Baier, National Center for Appropriate Technology/ATTRA, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, Organic Inspector: How to find out what you need to know to develop increasingly workable, legal, profitable management of organic and pasture-based systems for raising birds, handling eggs, and processing poultry meat.
Cost: $20 includes lunch. Pre-registration requested to ensure minimum participation requirements are met, and food orders are accurate.
Information Resources: commercial, small to medium scale & backyard poultry production and