Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Property for lease in Solano County

4 acre Orchard and some open ground for lease in Winters. Orchard is comprised of 80 producing peach trees (many varieties), 80 producing apricot trees (2 varieties), 80 producing Olive trees, 80 producing Almond trees (3 varieties), 300 mandarin trees (2 varieties, not yet producing 2 yrs old), 40 other various producing citrus trees (lemons and oranges). 2 to 3 acres of grassland in which orchard could be expanded. The land is undulating. 
Ideally, a small local farmer would lease the 3+ acre orchard and expand it or plant other crops in the remaining 3 acres. Said farmer would maintain the trees, mow, prune, spray etc and harvest and sell the fruit. Chickens could be compatible.

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