Monday, September 10, 2018

Sacramento #2250

Listing ID: Sacramento #2250

157 acres for lease in Wilton. The principles are seeking a long-term lease arrangement with a farmer interested in growing a commercial crop (vineyard, tree nuts, etc) and not for cattle grazing. Several orchard and vineyard applications are in the near vicinity.
The property is not for sale. The current lease comes up for renewal in Dec. 2018
This property is a legacy ranch that has been in the family for over 150 years. Walnuts were commercially farmed on the irrigated portion of the property in the 1960s, and discontinued due to poor planning. The land has been used continuously since then for cattle grazing.
The land has never been ripped. In order to develop for commercial vineyard/tree nuts/other crop it will need to be ripped and plowed prior to a commercial planting. A complete wetlands assessment was performed on the property in 2013 by D. Moore & Associates. The assessment determined there are no known endangered species, and seasonal wetlands – approx. 1.75 acres – were mapped with GPS coordinates.
Laguna Creek runs through the property, and flows seasonally from Dec. through Apr, depending on the amount of rainfall. There are approx. 68 acres of flat, irrigated land east of the creek, currently used for pasture. There are approx. 79 acres of gently rolling uplands west of the creek. There is a separate, fenced 2 acre parcel in the center of the property which is a vineyard and is currently not included in the land available for lease.