Monday, January 14, 2019

Job Openings at Cloverleaf Farm

About the job.

Start date: March - May (flexible)
Compensation: $12-14/hr
Hourly expectations: Full and part-time positions available (20-55 hours/week)
Scheduling may vary with the season and is flexible depending on your availability.

Job responsibilities:
➳ Harvesting, sorting and packing fruit
➳ Annual fruit and vegetable production
➳ Caring for fruit trees
➳ Maintaining native-plant hedgerows
➳ Delivering wholesale and CSA orders (optional)
➳ Working farmers markets (optional) 
➳ Producing jams, fruit leathers, syrups, and salsas (optional)

Opportunities for advancement:
➳ Qualified and hardworking employees will be given an opportunity to apply to advance into a management role in the following year.

Required qualifications:
➳ Availability to work part to full-time March 1 - Sept 30 (flexible)
➳ Previous farming and/or commercial kitchen experience
➳ Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills
➳ Ability to work in groups and enthusiasm to cultivate a positive work environment 
➳ Ability to lift 50+ pounds
➳ Driver’s license and ability to commute to work 

Preferred qualifications:
➳ Flexibility in working weekends
➳ Previous experience with group decision-making processes
➳ Interest in a career in farming
➳ Experience in any of the following:
○ Wholesale or direct-to-consumer marketing
○ Social media or web development
○ Bookkeeping
○ Farm management (esp. blackberries, fruit trees and vegetables)
○ Crew management
○ Delivery coordination
○ Field equipment operation
○ Administrative tasks
○ Grant writing and management
○ Habitat restoration
○ Value-added product production or other kitchen experience

About the farm.

Our goal at the Cloverleaf Farm is to produce excellent fruit while improving our soil, our environment, and our local community.  Our vision is to create a thriving farm-ecosystem, burgeoning with insects, wildlife, and soil microorganisms, that minimizes water and energy consumption, as well as other external inputs. We believe in treating ourselves and our customers with care, and we strive to explore innovative farming ideas, foster creativity, and provide an educational forum for the community. As our farm continues to expand and diversify, we will develop new markets to further integrate the farm into our local food system. We have lots of ideas and plenty of work to do -- and we could use your help! 

The Cloverleaf Farm is operated by three partners -- Katie Fyhrie, Kaitlin Oki and Emma Torbert. The farm currently manages a four-acre stone fruit orchard, an acre of mixed annual and perennial crops, a small citrus grove, and several native-plant hedgerows. We market our fruit and fruit-based value-added products to customers throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area regions via a number of grocery stores, farmers markets, our sliding-scale CSA, U-picks, and Ugly Fruit Club. We are currently initiating a process of converting our partnership into a worker-owned cooperative, and any employee would be eligible to be a member-owner after the season, if desired.

How to apply.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and interested applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible. If you are interested in this position, please complete a written applicationWe will review your application materials within one week and follow up with you to let you know if we would like to schedule a working interview. If you are having difficulties accessing or completing the written application, email Kaitlin at